Ranking the Best Holiday Songs


The date it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music is highly debated. Some people, like myself, prefer to break out the Michael Buble in September. Others, however, find it criminal to listen to Christmas tunes until December. Regardless of the day though, when it comes to holiday songs, everyone has their favorite.

“I’d have to say, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ by anyone, really. It’s very blues-y, and sincere,” said junior Caleb Wenger,  “I associate it with a more serious side of Christmas, like being together [with friends and family.”

Senior Anthony Frattarole’s favorite, as if it’s much of a surprise, is “Santa Tell Me” by the one and only, Ariana Grande.

He explained, “The thing about this particular song is it really captures both the beauty of the holiday, as well as the beauty of the singer. In order to have to make a good Christmas song, the listener’s mood must immediately fill with joy and love, and nobody is better at than Ari.”

“My favorite is ‘Run Run Rudolph’ by Chuck Berry; when I was little, I used to run around the house to that song [without many clothes],” laughed Sarah Fischer.

Math teacher Mr. Ray Kreiser is a big fan of “Silent Night. Its one of the few songs that truly hits the inspiration of what Christmas should be about,” he added.

Of course, one cannot talk about holiday music without a nod to arguably the reigning queen of Christmas songs, Miss Mariah Carey and her gift to all of the world: “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

“It makes [my friends and I] feel special around the holidays and makes us feel good inside,” said freshman Lucas Winslow.

Ian Lively, another freshman, agreed and added, “It’s a good song to profess your love to people with!”

Journalism teacher Mr. Ryan Clements argued the contrary and said, “I am definitely a fan of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree’. There are several reasons for this: number one, Kelly Clarkson is our original American Idol. She is an institution. She has an amazing voice, and it’s about time she came out with a Christmas song that rivals Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. It’s very upbeat, and it really gets you into the spirit of what Christmas is really about. Plus, I’ve always wondered what is, in fact, underneath the tree!”


Written by Carrington Moyer