Be EXTRA – curricular

As a senior in high school, I feel that joining different sports team and clubs throughout the years really has helped to mold me into the individual I am today. I truly believe that being involved in your community and extracurriculars is a vital part of life.


Ever since third grade, my mother pushed me into participating in sporting activities. I remember going to the park in the summer and seeing all the kids doing different sports, which made me want to join. My mother wanted me to try tennis since she pictured me being the future Venus Williams, but unfortunately all the signups for tennis were filled up. The only sport that still had opening spots were track and field, and I never would’ve known that ever since that day my life would be changed completely. I feel like many people can relate to my situation with any of their beloved sports, music, or any club that they chose to get involved in.


If you’re considering joining a sport or a club, I highly advise joining something related to what you enjoy doing in your free time. At Annville Cleona, there is a such a variety of clubs such as whether it be sports, music, theater, academic clubs, student government or special interest group that is offered in the school that you can join that can open up multiple opportunities to you. No matter your talent, there is a club in the school for you.


If you enjoy music or singing, A-C has chorus, chorale, or the musical which allows you to perform on stage to see if performing is something you want to do.  If you cannot sing, the fall play offers the chance for students to only act.  Interested in giving back to the community?  Key Club and Best Buddies allows students to do community service, but members of the Thon committee all give a lot of their time towards raising money for Four Diamonds.  The sports program offers teams to join during the fall, winter, or spring.


Joining these clubs or sports will provide opportunities to meet new people, become a well-rounded student, and will allow the chance to do something you’re passionate about. As a senior, I am glad that I was involved in all of the extracurricular activities that I dedicated myself towards because it brought me friendships, leadership opportunities, and the realization of what I wanted to do in my career. Joining a club or a sporting event will open up numerous amount of opportunities for yourself that will  help you in the future.


Written by Timeshah Clark
The views expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect those of the administration, the advisor, the editor, or the staff.  The author takes responsibility for her own position.