Starting for the 2017-2018 school year, Annville-Cleona will be partnering with the University of Pittsburgh to give a new opportunity to students. Physics, Probability & Statistics, AP Calculus, and Psychology are the courses that will be offered to  students to earn both high school and college credits at the same time. All of these courses will be taught by Annville-Cleona teachers during the regular school day.

“I signed up for the Psychology course because I think it is a great opportunity to get a college credit out of the way and to save money,” said junior Anna Soliday.

Saving money is one of the biggest reasons this is a such a great opportunity. College credits are extremely expensive and prices keep rising every year. To take a 3-credit course in a public university, a student will find the cost to be approximately $900.  The University of Pittsburgh set the price for $235 per course, with a reduced price eligible for students participating in the federal free or reduced lunch program. The discounted price for a course is significant. There are no other fees included to pay for, only the designated price for the course. With all the competition of getting into college and signed up for classes that are needed, this opportunity is very helpful with that.

When the chosen course is completed at the end of the year, each participating student will receive 3.0 or 4.0 credits on a University of Pittsburgh transcript. He or she will also receive 1.0 credit on his or her Annville-Cleona transcript. Completion of the full-year course must be successful in order to receive the credits from both of the schools. The credits earned in this program are transferrable to many universities and colleges that normally accept those credits.

“I’m really happy that we have this opportunity to earn college credits from an accredited college like the University of Pittsburgh while still being in high school,” expressed junior Madison Luciotti, who is taking Physics for her senior year.

Student applications must be filled out and completed by its deadline in order to take part in this program with the University of Pittsburgh. As of now, there is no deadline until one is determined in the near future. To fill out an application is completely free and recommended to at least apply. Students wanting to take the AP course for this program are not required to take the AP exam.

To find out more about this opportunity, contact high school guidance counselor Dr. Laura Brooks. Also, on the Annville-Cleona School website under curriculum, click Secondary School Curriculum Guide and then the first link NEW Secondary Curriculum Guide 2017-2018.


Written by Claire Conlin