Trump’s 100 Day Report Card Extravaganza

On Saturday April 30, POTUS Donald Trump celebrated his 100 day anniversary of being in office. Over these hundred days, we have seen foreign threats, domestic changes, and so much more than Trump has either been a direct result of or has had to test his willpower against. As a result, I will be going over the strengths and weaknesses of President Trump. I will grade his efforts individually on several different categories including: foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and a few other topics worth mentioning. Within these categories, I will then give him a letter grade on the subcategories within the more braid topics. By the end, I will grade him on his performance thus far, and then compare him to the previous president Barack Obama.




Little is of more importance for grading a president than his ability to keep the population safe and protected from foreign attacks, especially seeing as we now live in a post-9/11 world. Trump, unfortunately, has been utterly abysmal in this sense. From his raids in Yemen that killed over a dozen civilians and gave us little to no information, to the airstrikes in Syria that killed at least 15 civilians and put our relations with Russia, the largest nuclear power in the world, in serious jeopardy. Most recently, and arguably the most terrifying, is Trump’s constant saber rattling with North Korea, a country that has had nuclear weapons pointed at us for the last 20 years and is a loose cannon just waiting to explode. Overall I give him a D-, mainly because it remains to be seen whether these fears become reality.



Trade is one of Trump’s biggest strong suits and seeing as this is his background, it hardly comes as a shock. Trump’s biggest accomplishment up to this point, has been the refusal to back the Trans Pacific Partnership, a bill that would have increased outsourcing, limited American jobs, increasedthe power of big business by allowing businesses to sue an individual for infringing on their ability to make money, and even infringe on your internet privacy.Alongside this, Trump has, and will likely continue to make very nationalist laws, ensuring that American employment is at an all time high. I give his efforts thus far a B, with a firm hope for this trend to continue,





This could quite frankly be a category in it of itself, but needless to say, Trump has been one of the worst human rights presidents in recent history. In terms of race relations, Trump’s initial campaign was built around strengthening border security, racial profiling, religious discrimination, and tons of other human rights violations.  Trump’s Attorney General is Jeff Sessions, who has been quoted as saying, “I used to admire the KKK, until I found out they smoked pot.” As for women, he and his band of predominantly rich, white, male Republicans, have been attempted several times to cut funding from Planned Parenthood, a group that has been crucial in providing women with the skills needed to become a parent. I could go on and on, but I will leave this here with an F. While it could technically be worse, and is far worse in many countries, Trump has made it a goal to make the US one of the worst violators of human rights in any developed country.



Alongside almost everything else, Trump and his cabinet have been hard at work stripping away our basic rights of health. Trump has allowed for the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, and Dakota Access Pipeline, which, while great on paper, will dramatically decrease the amount of safe drinking water, among several other environmental and human rights issues. Trump has also allowed for less environmental and health regulations, and even appointed a proud climate change denier to head the EPA. Beyond this, Trump introduced a health bill that was just recently passed by the House, which will increase the price of health insurance, and limit coverage to pre existing conditions (which can include such common things as pregnancy, anxiety, depression and diabetes).  Meanwhile, the health companies will be able to further profit off of the illness of all, and they will be making tons of money, while the rest of us may have to struggle to make ends meet. Overall, I give Trump an F, which is about the lowest you can give someone unless they start running around and literally poisoning people and stealing there money.


Constitutional Freedoms:  D-

Arguably the scariest part of all, is that Trump has been trying, or has talked about trying, to strip our constitutional rights away. Beginning with the First Amendment, he has repeatedly stated that he wants to propose a constitutional amendment to greatly limit the power of the press and open up libel laws so that it is easier for people to sue them. While I will give him credit for his firm stance against the dishonesty of the corporate media, going as far as to call it “the enemy of the American people”, this is going a step too far, as it will greatly limit the stories and topics that the media can cover. Trump also recently signed an executive order that essentially abolishes the separation of church and state, by allowing the church to directly endorse and fund a political party or candidate. In terms of the Second Amendment, he and the House or Representatives have proposed to allow mentally unstable people to own guns. This will greatly increase the amount of mass shootings and make us a lot less safe. Finally, Donald Trump has allowed internet providers to buy and sell your private information to whoever the top bidder is, which in terns terns the already highly violated 4th amendment, and makes it even more loosely interpreted. Overall I give him a D-. He hasn’t done any real damage yet, but his rhetoric doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Overall, I gave Trump a D-. While he excels in Trade and is good at being a businessman, he is bad at just about everything else. Just as a comparison, the former president Barack Obama gets a C-, seeing as he was considerably better than Trump in human rights, worse than Trump in trade, and only slightly better than Trump in everything else. While Obama and his line of predecessors were by no means good, Trump is in an entirely new boat, and has a governing style that is unlike anything Merida has ever seen. All that can be said is to hope that we have smoother four years ahead of us.

NOTE:  The opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the staff, the advisor, the school district, or the administration


Written by Logan Deiner