Thon Yard Sale

On Saturday, April 22nd, the high school Thon committee is holding their annual yard sale. It will be at Annville-Cleona High School from 7am to 12pm. The Thon yard sale is an annual event that typically would occur in the fall, but has recently been moved to the spring instead. Typically, the yard sale raises … More Thon Yard Sale

Why Donald Trump Was A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. Ever since his campaign started, Trump has been the poster boy for backlash to his rather controversial stances on immigration, the environment, health care, women’s issues, and a plethora of other hot topics. With that being said, I … More Why Donald Trump Was A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton

Be EXTRA – curricular

As a senior in high school, I feel that joining different sports team and clubs throughout the years really has helped to mold me into the individual I am today. I truly believe that being involved in your community and extracurriculars is a vital part of life.   Ever since third grade, my mother pushed … More Be EXTRA – curricular

ESL Class Evolves at A-C

ESL, or English as a Second Language classes, have been developing for the last few years due to the growth of students who come to the school district with little knowledge of the English language. The entire district only has two ESL teachers, Mrs. Kelly Rodriguez and Mrs. Stephanie Yost. Rodriguez is in charge of … More ESL Class Evolves at A-C

Breitbart Boycott

After Kellogg’s, the big brand company known for their infamous Poptarts and many cereals, pulled their advertisements off of Breitbart’s website, a rightist newspaper site, Breitbart went on the offensive.  Now, Breitbart is now leading a movement to “dump Kellogg’s” and has called the company “un-American” for pulling the ads. This is also a site … More Breitbart Boycott